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Kayakujutsu (火薬術) (literally the art of gunpowder in Japanese) is the use of firearms, gunpowder and explosives especially by Ninja. The history and mythology surrounding ninjutsu and kayakujutsu are similar to the history of chemistry and the mythology surrounding Alchemy.

Thus kayakujutsu mysticism refers to elements like the Earth (Chi) to develop Ka (Fire) just as alchemy referred to elements just as air, earth, fire and water.

Ninja typically used bamboo, egg shells, small bottles, and wooden boxes. Egg shells glued with either rice or wax were used either like a form of pepper spray or create thick clouds of smoke, to confuse attackers (metsubushi).

Bamboo was more used for ambushes along roadways usually like claymore mines. Small bottles were used more in the city, mainly as a noise maker, often to startle horses, or distract people. Wooden boxes were used more to attack castles or fortifications to create openings in the castle defenses.

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